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From the Desk: Moving Forward

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Moving Forward in 2018

In recent weeks, I have been giving a great deal of thought as to how best I might accomplish several different goals. A personal weakness of mine has always been the proclivity for procrastination. No sooner do I tend to seize upon one fond goal than the idea of it sparks in my mind a thousand other possibilities, each no less interesting or compelling than the original. That, and a particularly cautious mindset, causes me to put off one thing for another more often than not.

Taking this into account, I have decided to make 2018 a year of action...

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Devils are winsome on a moonlit eve, when filigree skies with stars belight.
Angels, too, are known to weave their dance steps to the song of night.

It was upon one such occasion I myself witnessed in silence,
As an unknowing liaison, their employ of tender violence.

Calling wildly, madly, to me, devils all cavorted ‘round.
Singing mildly, sadly, gloomy angels used persuading sound.

Little could I fight seduction from unearthly pleasure sources,
One mere mortal in abduction by such otherworldly forces.

Madly, thought did beat against me, remembrances of rationale.
Never thought I to escape the captors of my meek morale.

On and on their midnight tremble weighed upon my fleshly mind,
Faerie wine poured in a thimble awakened lust, desire did find.

Soon I fell into the dances, raised my voic...

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