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Struggling With Compassion

Zhuangzi dreams of a butterfly

Once, there lived two monks. Deep within the forest, they sought solitude from worldly troubles and spent each day in quiet contemplation of the Great Mystery. The elder of the two, a venerable and aged man, had always upon his face an expression of equal parts joy and sorrow, a sad smile that perplexed his young apprentice.

While out one day, wandering the arboreal paths, gathering nuts and berries, fallen branches for firewood, roots, and medicinal herbs, the old monk sat down to rest and meditate beneath the shadow of a great tree. The apprentice, impetuous in his youth, resolved to explore a bit of the forest and to wonder at the marvels of the natural world.

The day slipped away, and the younger monk found himself intently studying a cocoon that he found hanging under a broad leaf...

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