Review: Code of the Lifemaker

A Must-Read in Science Fiction

There have been only a handful of science fiction novels that have kept me reading from one page to the next, and Code of the Lifemaker is certainly not the least among them. James P. Hogan does a spectacular job of laying out a truly wonderful story against a backdrop of a not-so-different-from-our-own human society that lends both credibility and disbelief to the plot. From the introduction of the man who (arguably) serves as the main protagonist–Karl Zambendorf–to the grand revelation about what lurks on the surface of Titan to the climactic finish that will have you clawing at the page to see the conclusion, Code of the Lifemaker does not disappoint.

The story follows, for the most part, two chief characters, the first being mentalist and all-around hucks...

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Book Release: On Virtue

LA Books Tree

Our First Book Release

It’s been a long time coming, but On Virtue has finally been released. It is currently available on Kindle and in paperback format through Amazon, and this is the first official book release by Lai Andurin Books!

This title is primarily a work on virtue ethics as told from the perspective of a teacher and father. It draws upon historical figures from a variety of periods and cultures to explain the importance of personal morality and social responsibility, and from beginning to end it walks the reader through the steps necessary to undertake a complete rebirth of self in an enlightened way of life. Although the book isn’t terribly lengthy–just under 45,000 words–it nonetheless boasts a powerful depth.

If all goes well, this is to be the first in a series of books on...

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