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Moving Forward in 2018

In recent weeks, I have been giving a great deal of thought as to how best I might accomplish several different goals. A personal weakness of mine has always been the proclivity for procrastination. No sooner do I tend to seize upon one fond goal than the idea of it sparks in my mind a thousand other possibilities, each no less interesting or compelling than the original. That, and a particularly cautious mindset, causes me to put off one thing for another more often than not.

Taking this into account, I have decided to make 2018 a year of action. These things do come in cycles, as they say, and where the ‘late aughts’ of this century were a time of particular impulsiveness on my part, 2018 shall mark the revival of my adventurous spirit for yet another foray into the thirst for enterprise.

Goodreads and Amazon

Recently I have, tentatively, returned to reviewing titles when and where able, both for Goodreads and Amazon. I am also looking to take an active part in groups whose purpose is to garner support and exposure for independent authors, and in choosing titles to review I am giving priority to those newer, more obscure, and/or unreviewed books in hope that what little I may offer might serve in some way to help my fellow authors. To that end, Lai Andurin Books maintains an active review policy for unsolicited reviews, and we welcome any and all suggestions (so long as they adhere to the aforementioned policy).

A Work in Progress

In addition to other ventures, I am currently drafting a new title with a tentative release in Fall of 2018. This second title will depart somewhat from the theme of On Virtue, in that it will focus far more on personal development at a granular level rather than the grand moral themes and abstract thoughts behind virtue ethics and personal philosophy.


Having heard several times now the suggestion that I should take a more active role in the Quora community, I have begun to place more stock in the idea. Unfortunately, I am at odds with what might be the best approach in this regard, as I should have originally liked to post more concise responses to questions on Quora and elaborate in greater detail here, at Lai Andurin Books. This, however, seems as though it would place readers at something of a disadvantage, as it would be akin to hinting at an answer in one forum in hopes of enticing them to visit another.

Naturally, I would like to avoid cross-posting verbose content, owing in equal parts to the fact that it would provide no value to the reader for identical content to be posted in separate locations and the problem of Google’s rules on duplication. This seems like fertile ground for exploration, consultation, and proper trial-and-error!

Website Updates

We will soon be adding an SSL certificate to Lai Andurin Books, and I am considering a possible design shift of the site altogether. I am rather fond of the current theme and décor, but it has been suggested that the dark, earthy tones that please my eye may not be ideal. At any rate, the certificate will be a priority, while addressing the aesthetic concerns of web design will, most likely, not.


I look forward to a pleasant Spring Festival16 February 2018, and we here at Lai Andurin Books wish all of you the best in the months to come!


JC Augustus Lai Andurin

JC Augustus Lai Andurin

J.C. Augustus Lai Andurin is an Irish-American author and philosopher. Having spent much of his life traveling the U.S., Europe, and Asia, he has a fierce wanderlust and thirst for knowledge. Despite his adventurous spirit, he is a husband and father, first and foremost, with three wonderful children.
JC Augustus Lai Andurin

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