Book Review Policy

While we strive to review every title that is submitted to us, we may have to decline to review a piece. Authors are encouraged to stay in contact or re-submit if we decline a book review submission for the simple fact that as circumstances change we may be able to add your submission to our TBR list.

We are willing to review almost any work, be it in print, electronic format, graphic art and design, poetry, flash fiction, and even digital video and photography. However, we do not review erotica, and we will immediately decline any such review requests. If your work includes mature content in a tasteful or contributory fashion which enhances the quality of the piece or plays an integral role in the story, journalistic intention, or composition as a whole then it will be considered, but we reiterate that preference will always be given to “clean” material unless your work is truly inspired.

Lai Andurin Books will never request or accept compensation in any form for a review. Our thoughts and opinions on work submitted are our own, and there is a very real possibility that you will not receive a good review if your work does not merit one. In fairness, we offer each author the chance to see the review of their work before it is posted and to ask that it be withheld if they so choose. We hope that out of respect for our readers any author would accept a poor review with grace and use it to garner feedback and constructive criticism to improve their current and future works, but we will not post or promote a book review without the permission of the author.

After you have submitted a book review request, we will contact you to discuss the logistical aspects of obtaining an authorized review copy of your piece.

  • For works in an electronic format (eBook, digital compositions, music, etc.) we would prefer to receive an authorized copy via your distribution platform, not an unsecured copy. Where possible, we would like to secure authorized review copies during promotional “freebie” periods or via promotional codes or electronic gifting through secure online platforms. This is not only to ensure that we are not exposing ourselves to unnecessary risk by handling files but also to provide the greatest protection for your work.
  • For works in print or on physical media, we will accept submissions by mail. Given the theoretical limitations on physical production of media, however, we have a return policy on physical submissions to the effect of, “We’ll give it back to you once we’re finished.” Books and physical media which you have sent in will be mailed to you upon completion of the review process. This is to ensure that we are receiving absolutely no form of compensation for our reviews.